We are one of the most experienced companies and professional teams in tree care, professional tree pruning, tree removal, and stump removal in Florida. We are certified arborists, and although our main job is to cut trees, we also transform spaces with the cutting of grass and branches. Ever since our foundation, we have carried out dozens of works under an important ecological drive and with the final objective of improving the conditions of the plants and also the quality of life of people.

We are ready to intervene in the trees and gardens. We have certifications that guarantee our experience and the knowledge necessary to not harm trees or nature in general. In addition, we have a large team and machinery to meet the different needs of each client in record time.

What makes us different?



More than 10 years of experience in tree service, garden design and nature care.

Top-notch results

We provide a comprehensive service to our commercial and residential clients.

Immediate response

According to your emergency or situation, we respond within a period of no more than 5 hours.

Licenses and certifications

Our specialists are duly prepared to carry out any type of work since they have licenses and certifications.


More than 60 collaborators ready to attend any type of tree removal.

Free evaluation

We make a preliminary analysis to determine what are the best ways to do our work and then we prepare a budget.


Our general tips for enjoying and caring for nature



Be careful with the time of the day to water your plants. During sunrise or sunset, there will be better absorption.

Sun Exposure

Although the sun is crucial for the development of plants, you must find a balance regarding the amount of light they receive.

Prune the excesses

Plants grow bushier when you continually prune excess leaves and branches. Get advice from us on this topic.

Be creative

A garden looks more attractive when it is decorated. So don’t pass on the idea of buying decorations for your green areas.

Create playing grounds

Your children will appreciate you create spaces for them in your green areas. A treehouse is a classic that never fails.

Check constantly

Make constant reviews of the spaces in your garden. Make sure everything is in order. If necessary, contact us.