We design gardens to make your green areas the place you have always dreamed of.

Gardening is not just about mowing your lawn and installing lights and decorations. It implies an architectural reorganization of the space to highlight the aesthetics of each of the green areas, to make them cozy. Here you have our steps to redesign your garden with us:

We make a free inspection of the space.

We make the architectural design of the area.

We prepare the terrain.

We reshape the garden completely.

About Us

We are one of the most experienced and professional tree trimming companies in Florida. We are certified arborists, and although our main job is to cut trees, grass, and branches, we also love nature. Ever since our foundation, we have carried out dozens of projects under an important ecological drive and with the final objective of improving the conditions of the plants and the quality of life of our clients.
  • - Megan, 33 -
    Coco Tree Service is a company like few others. A few days ago a tree fell right outside my garage during the night and it was going to be impossible for us to get our car out the next day and go to work. I called their emergency service and in no time they came to chop the fallen log and remove the pieces one by one until my garage was cleared. They were very helpful.
    - Megan, 33 -
  • - Carmen, 39 -
    I recently moved into a house with a garden. I've never had one in my life and I was really excited. So I decided to call in experts to fix it and not do it myself. I thought they'd come up with a lawn mowing procedure and a few decorations. But no, they showed up with an architect! who made an extraordinary design of the space that he dreamed of so much.
    - Carmen, 39 -
  • - Juan, 45 -
    I am extremely cautious with the arrival of hurricane season. I do all the reinforcements I can in preparations. When I learned that Coco Tree Service prepared the trees for the arrival of hurricanes, and without harming them, I called them immediately. They did a great job taking care of the environment and the trees.
    - Juan, 45 -

If you love nature as much as we do, let’s take care of it together.