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Tree cutting, pruning and maintenance

One of the main tasks of our company is the pruning of trees that are in a state of fragility and represent a problem for urban life. Likewise, we offer a shrub preparation service for the hurricane season, which consists of cutting the lush branches and thus preventing them from breaking with the arrival of strong winds. The cutting, pruning, and maintenance of trees in Florida is essential to ensure roadworthiness.

Each one of the interventions we make on the trees is carried out with the authorization of an expert arborist who determines which trees are healthy, which aren’t and, what branches should be cut in preparation for hurricanes.

The inspection of the trees you’d like to intervene in is completely free.

Tree removal and root management

Removal of trees in Florida could threaten the integrity of a property or a group of people. One of the most daunting sights is that of the fallen trees. We have a service to remove these bases. We also remove the excess roots and any part of the tree that generates an unevenness in the pavement. All of this is done under the inspection of expert arborists who guarantee that the tree remains healthy.

Storm damage cleanup

We serve Florida for storm damage 24 hours a day. A falling tree can be unpredictable and can be very cumbersome at times. Sometimes, it can cause damage to houses and vehicles. For this reason, at Coco Tree Service we offer a 24-hour service in which we receive reports of fallen trees and we will remove them immediately.

Prevention is the best way to avoid accidents. If you see a tree at risk, contact us and we’ll make a free inspection.

Commercial Landscaping

We take care of doing multifaceted commercial landscaping that includes planning, design, installation, and maintenance. In which fields can we work? Sports grounds, industrial parks, commercial developments, highways, residential complexes, and companies.

Lawn maintenance

We have several types of machines specialized in pruning the different types of extensions of grass and weeds. Our lawn maintenance service in Florida can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on the needs of each client. Fill out the form and we will immediately go to make a free inspection on your green areas.

Cleaning of soils, lakes, and vacant lots

At Coco Tree Service we take care of conditioning and cleaning, floors, vacant lots, and lakes in Florida. We remove the weeds, roots, and any type of debris in the place. In addition, we can level the land to obtain a uniform surface that you can intervene. In the case of lakes, we clean of polluting solid waste.

Design Service: grass, soil, sand and mulch

One of our star services is the remodeling of the gardens, an element of great importance, not only to improve the aesthetics of houses or public spaces but to increase harmony and quality of life among people. We take care of transforming spaces.

We help from weeding and gardening in flowers and plants to the installation of ornamental decorations so that your green areas look better. If you need a more specialized design, we can refer you to an expert architect who adapts your ideas to a specific plan.

Remember our inspection is completely free.

Roadside cleanup

Refurbishment of road boundaries in Florida, interurban crossings, roads, and highways. We have a specialized workgroup and specific machinery to cut weeds, remove debris, trees, and fallen branches obstructing the road. This is an important factor not only for the aesthetics of the county, but to avoid accidents.

If you’d like to hire this service, fill out the form and we will take care of all the county mandatory permits.

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